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After contacting the one literary agent who still had my novel after 15 weeks and being told it couldn’t have arrived and did I want to resend, I did so only to receive a rejection a day later. So, fifteen weeks waiting all for nothing. I am seriously tired of this. My positive outlook has faded again. I am having trouble seeing anything but a bleak future right now. Hopefully this sensation will pass as it usually does, but lately I’m left in the doldrums for a week after every rejection, whereas when I had more hope it was maybe a day. I won’t be living up to my pseudonym at all at this rate!


Where do I go from here?

Maybe it’s because I’ve been a little under the weather for a week, but I’m struggling to keep up the positive outlook today. The only agent who still has my manuscript has taken the seemingly obligatory twelve weeks so far to respond, which is in considerable contrast to the six weeks maximum that most agents were keeping to last year when I started out on this quest. Three agents have taken this long or longer this year. I can’t get closure and move on while I still think there’s hope, but I’m now wondering if she has even received it, although as it was by e-mail I can’t see how it could have gone astray. Her website says six weeks but may take longer in busy periods.

My second novel is now up to 43,000 words and it is more mainstream so ought to be easier to ‘fit into the market’, but it won’t be ready to start submitting for some months yet. I think I will start firing off manuscripts to publishers rather than agents. I didn’t want to do that; wanted to do it all the ‘right’ way, but there doesn’t seem to be a right way and I need to earn some money!