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Star Trek Lives!

Star Trek stickersHeh heh. I couldn’t resist. Back when there was no Internet and we Trekkers fed our Star Trek addiction in fat newsletters received eagerly through the post, I bought some Star Trek stickers. Thing is, I bought so many that even with ┬áheaps of penpals I could never use them so I still have them! Or at least, quite a few of them. I’m thinking one of them said ‘Star Trek Lives’ but it might well have been ‘Kirk Lives!’ because this was at the time when my beloved captain was about to be killed off. I’m afraid that was when this Trekker parted company with the makers and lost interest in what is now known as ‘the Star Trek franchise’. The inset picture shows the remaining stickers…must have used up the ‘Kirk Lives!’ ones.

However, yesterday marked 45 years since Star Trek the Original Series was first made so I thought this was a good time to mention it. Thing is, times have changed so much that I don’t even know what happened to all my old fan friends, whether they still attend conventions (not that there are many pure Trek conventions these days here in the UK) and whether it’s become horribly old fashioned to even admit to being a fan of Star Trek TOS and distinctly not a fan of the latest offering with other actors playing Kirk and Spock in which Trek history is rewritten.

It’s been years since I’ve had anyone with whom to talk Trek. I’m becoming increasingly convinced that what we need is a retro Trek convention with all the old trimmings. No need for big star guests; all that’s required is some interesting people to do talks and join panels, a couple of discos (Time Warp, Hawaii 5.0, Joe 90 music compulsory!), fancy dress and silly games (not that I’m much of a one for either, but I used to enjoy watching the antics of those who were), videos (or in this case DVDs!) around the clock, and so on.

Arr, they was fun days, they was!