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Angelica DiedAngelica_Died_E (2)

What if the man you love, and the life you want, are in the wrong time?

Lost and alone after her mother’s death, unworldly computer games addict Angelica is stunned to discover she has an aunt who was seriously brain damaged in a car crash in 1966.

As she tries to find out more about the accident by visiting the hospital where her aunt worked as a nurse, Angelica has one of the strange hallucinations that have begun to plague her since her mother’s funeral. But when she opens her eyes afterwards it’s not 2013, it’s 1965, and she’s not Angelica any more, she’s Grace.

Why is she there, and how will she cope? Real Life is not much like computer games, as she is about to find out.

Publication date:   12th March 2014

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The DreamCover for The Dream

Ollie Kimpton has always tried to ignore the gift that allows her to know things others don’t – things beyond the norm. Now, after breaking up with her fiancé, she finds herself alone in New Zealand and plagued by a recurrent dream she thought she’d left behind in her teens. Meanwhile, she meets the mysterious Mark, who, oddly, keeps turning up wherever she happens to be. As her dream unravels, she journeys across the South Island of New Zealand, searching for answers, but when Mark seems to be in desperate trouble, she’s the only one who can help him.


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The LegacyCover for The Legacy

Fallady Galbraith accepts the legacy of an isolated house on the Welsh borders as a means of escaping from London, but soon discovers that the house conceals a number of secrets, including, apparently, two household ghosts who act as cook and gardener.

Driven to find answers, she gets more than she bargained for when she falls into an eighteenth-century snowdrift. Life in 1779 is more about church, chilblains and chamber pots than dancing, dressing-up, and Mr Darcy, but love can be found in the most unlikely places.

As more strange events reveal ancient secrets, Fallady must choose between love and sacrifice.

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2 thoughts on “My books

  1. Hi Jill, I have just read The Legacy and thank goodness its a rainy day…i couldn’t put it down and read it in one sitting…totally loved it and now wanting to buy your other books but other than Amazon, can’t find them anywhere. Could you please let me know where I can get them from, other than Amazon…i don’t buy from them because of their tax policy in the UK. Many thanks Linda

  2. Hi Linda, glad to hear you enjoyed The Legacy! It is still possible to buy the Snowbooks edition of The Dream online from Waterstones – Angelica Died is available via Alibris – or Abebooks – All three books in both Snowbooks (in the case of The Legacy and The Dream) and my self-pub versions are apparently available from sellers on Abebooks and Alibris. Hope you manage to get hold of them! At present, because I am signed up to Kindle Direct Publishing, all the short stories are only available on Amazon Kindle. There may come a point when this changes, or if I write enough short stories to create a book I might produce one just for them. Jill

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