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The novel formerly known as The Song

I’m pretty good at changing my mind about things, and now that I’m not hamstrung by any plans to offer my next book to a publisher (short of an absolutely fabulous offer of thousands and thousands of pounds!) I’ve had a lot of ideas about the book formerly known (to me at least) as The Song. I’ve been working madly on it lately, but the signs are that it may well become two novels. I’ve even considered making it a trilogy, mainly because ‘the muse is upon me’, but I’ve decided two books will be best. If the word count is as long as I anticipate then it will be two books, but if not then it will be a single book with two distinct parts.

My decision to self-publish my next novel is exciting and freeing, but I shall miss the pleasure of seeing it in libraries and bookshops. In the case of the latter I’ve seen almost no copies of my other two books in bookshops, but it has been especially heartening to know both my books are in quite a few libraries. If things go well with e-book sales then I’ll look at producing a paperback.

Watch this space for more news of…er…whatever title I finally decide upon!