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On Writing The Legacy

When I started writing The Legacy I had a very different idea of how it would go from how it turned out. Not only that, but once I’d started with the second basic outline, the characters and how I felt about them began to interfere with my plans! I can’t even recall how many words were wasted on storylines that didn’t work (but it’s thousands and thousands!). Of course, I enjoyed writing all those redundant storylines, and some of them were very difficult darlings to murder. On the other hand, there’s one part that’s now in the novel that I took out, then realized it actually did work and put back in! What amazes me above all is that in the end a coherent story emerges from all the chaos.

There really isn’t any part of writing I don’t enjoy, but the hardest parts for me are the emotional ones because I can’t detach myself from what I’m writing. I have been known to burst into tears over my own keyboard, and there was one part of The Legacy that I put off writing until last because I knew it was going to be difficult. It still astonishes me that I actually managed to write it and that it works.